‘Register Until End of July and Waive Afterschool Registration Fee’

Welcome to Mudo Academy’s After-School Pickup and Care Program, where we provide a secure and enriching environment for your child’s after-school hours.

Our dedicated team ensures a seamless pickup from school, bringing students to a designated classroom where they have the exciting option to explore various martial arts disciplines. In addition to martial arts training, students can engage in self-guided coding, reading, and delightful playtime with friends using board games and Legos.

Our program is monitored by at least 3-4 certified martial arts instructors and 1 or 2 dedicated after-school coordinators, creating a safe and inclusive space for learning and fun.

At Mudo Academy, we strive to make every after-school experience a positive and enriching adventure for your child.

Mudo Academy’s After School Martial Arts Program is a great after-school care that focuses on elevating physical and mental fitness through practicing marital arts and good character building exercises every day.

Mudo’s After School program is different from other after school programs because there are more than one martial arts program a student can take.  Also, our dedicated After School Coordinator provides students with coding lessons and monthly character building exercises.

Mudo’s After School Program provides;

  • Secure, reliable, daily transportation from school to the Mudo Academy
  • Martial arts training
  • Coding lessons
  • Homework and snack time (Snacks are not provided)
  • Designated After School Coordinator
  • Monthly Character Building Themes and Exercises
Homework, physical training, coding lesson and a tonne of fun, all done before dinner!


Our After School Program exemplifies efficient, experienced, and exciting, after care for Elementary School to Middle School students, ages 5-13.


  1. Increased Flexibility
  2. Increased Stamina
  3. Self Defense
  4. Fitness


  1. Confidence
  2. Self-Control
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Respect
  5. Discipline
  6. Anti-Bully Seminars

Basic Program includes (Accelerated Option Available)

Judo and Taekwondo sessions

Coding lessons

Homework and snack time (Snacks are not provided)

Designated After School Coordinator

Monthly Character Building Themes and Exercises

Pick up from school to Mudo Academy

Student pick up time from 6:00 pm to 6:15 pm

2nd Location in Willoughby Under Construction at the Langley Tennis Center

Larger Space, More Programs, More Fantastic ways to Get Fit
Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Pilates Program

‘Register Until End of July for Any of These Programs and Waive Registration Fee’

Our Classes Section

Afterschool Program
  1. Student may pick anyone or combination of Taekwondo, Judo and Kickboxing program
  2. Secure, reliable, and daily transportation from school to Mudo Academy
  3. Individual Desk Space with Access to Laptop
  4. Homework or snack time (Snacks are not provided)
  5. Designated Afterschool Coordinator
  6. Monthly Character Building Themes and Exercises
  7. Parents pick up students from Mudo academy at 6 pm
Tiny Tiger Program
  1. Ages from 3 to 5 years old
  2. 45 Mins training sessions (Not full 60 minutes)
  3. Best Fitness program to develop coordination and mental discipline

Wait List

A waitlist is kept throughout the year for available openings.  When a space becomes available, our coordinator will contact the first family on the list.  If contact is not made, the next family will be contacted in the same manner.

Please note that this program is NOT a daycare nor does it provide any form of babysitting services.

Professional Development Days, Early Dismissals, Spring Break, and Summer Camps are not included as part of the program.

Judo and Taekwondo sessions
Self guided Coding lessons
Individual desk space
Homework and snack time (Snacks are not provided)
Designated After School Coordinators
Monthly Character Building Themes and Exercises
Secure and reliable daily transportation from school
Student pick up time from 6:00 pm to 6:15 pm


Structured Martial Arts Training

Engage in professional martial arts instruction, fostering discipline, physical fitness, and skill development.

Educational Opportunities

Access self-guided coding activities, promoting technological literacy and problem-solving skills.

Enhanced Social Skills with Fun Activities

Build social skills through supervised playtime with board games, Legos, and other activities.

Independence and Organizational Skills

Encourage the development of independence and organizational skills as students manage their time between various activities.

Safe and Inclusive Environment

Provide a secure and welcoming setting that prioritizes the well-being and inclusivity of every participant.